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Sonomacountymortgages.com was founded in 2010 by Scott Sheldon, a direct mortgage lending officer who grew tired of the lack of online resources for consumers to access relevant mortgage information for the North Bay/Sonoma County markets.

Today, Sheldon’s vision has created a popular mortgage loan website for fulfilling a need consumers have for the latest market news.

Sonomacountmortgages.com is user friendly tool a consumer can use to locate accurate mortgage loan information. Consumers can search mortgage interest rates, popular loan programs for purchasing or refinancing, and first time buyer solutions including government programs. They can also learn tips and strategies to improving credit scores. This website provides inside knowledge of local mortgage financing for the North Bay/Sonoma County market. We empower consumers with information so they have a competitive advantage when shopping home loan programs.

The Mission of SonomaCountyMortgages.com

“Our mission is to arm you with the resources necessary to help you secure a mortgage with a combination of the best terms and the lowest rate possible. Whether a purchase or refinance, we help you minimize interest expense while improving your financial position.”