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   1.  Why Cash Is king In Real Estate Negotiation
   2.  How Much Down Payment Percent You Need To Buy A Home
   3.  The Recent Mortgage Guideline Changes That Could Save Your Loan
   4.  The Way Lenders Price & Quote Mortgages
   5.  How To Fix 4 Common Roadblocks You May Encounter On Your Mortgage
   6.  How Solid Is Your Loan Pre-Approval?
   7.  What are the initials steps I should take when deciding to get pre-approved to buy a home?
   8.  4 Things Banks Won’t Tell You About Mortgages
   9.  How Job Proximity Plays A Role In Your Loan Approval
   10.  Why Refinancing May Still Make Sense Even If You Plan To Sell In A Few Years
   11.  How Mortgage Loan Escrow Accounts Work
   12.  Refinancing? What To Expect If You’re Rusty On The Financials
   13.  How Financial Inconsistencies Could Affect Your Credit When Applying For A Mortgage
   14.  How To Save When Refinancing A Mortgage Bigger Than 417k
   15.  How Buying A Home Will Make You More Credit Worthy
   16.  3 Real No Income, No Appraisal, No Debt Ratio Loan Programs To Know About
   17.  How Conventional Loans Can Get Pricey
   18.  Using APR To Distinguish Between Mortgage Offers
   19.  How To Prevent Common Surprises In The Mortgage Loan Process
   20.  Will Paying Off My Mortgage Hurt My Credit Score?
   21.  How To Land A Mortgage Post Loan Modification
   22.  When Saving Up For A Big Down Payment Does Not Make Sense
   23.  3 Low Down Payment Options First Time Buyers Have To Get Their Foot In The Door
   24.  How To Refinance To A 15 Year Mortgage Even If Your Financials Don’t Pencil
   25.  Should I Put More Money Down Or Pay Off Debt To Buy A Home?
   26.  Mortgage Loan Fees You Need To Know
   27.  The Things You Need To Buy A Home Beyond Your Income
   28.  Why Applying For A Mortgage Does Not Automatically Tank Your Credit Score
   29.  Does My Loan Type Hurt My Credit Score?
   30.  5 Simple Reasons You Are Being Denied A Mortgage
   31.  Who Is Paying Your Debt May Alter Your Mortgage
   32.  Can I Refinance My FHA Loan?
   33.  This Employee Tax Deduction Could Kill Your Mortgage Eligibility
   34.  Why Some Aspects Of Today’s Lending Still Do Not Make Sense
   35.  Will My Disability Income Count For Getting A Mortgage?
   36.  Do I Need To Provide Bank Statements For Getting A Sonoma County Loan?
   37.  Why Moving Money Around Can Be Problematic For Getting A Mortgage
   38.  FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Now .85%
   39.  Your House Will Not Appraise For A Refinance Or Will It?
   40.  What’s the best way to determine a breakeven on a santa rosa refinance loan?
   41.  Why We Won’t See 5% Mortgage Rates Any Time Soon
   42.  Can I buy a house if I have a rental late payment?
   43.  Is Buying A Short Sale Property Still Worthwhile?
   44.  Should I work with a mortgage broker or a mortgage lender?
   45.  How Much Are Closing Costs Going To Be On A Home Purchase?
   46.  Think You Can’t Buy A House Because Its A Seller’s Market?
   47.  5 Factors To Think About When Refinancing
   48.  Are You Sure Renting Still Makes Sense?
   49.  Quirky Mortgage Borrowers Are Still Getting Loans
   50.  How To Buy A Home Without 20% Down And No Mortgage Insurance
   51.  Why Hiding Income From Your Lender Is A Bad Idea
   52.  Pre-approved and House Hunting? How Maternity Leave Factors Into The Mix
   53.  Are There Any More First Time Home Buyer Loans?
   54.  The Biggest Mortgage Size You Can Get These Days
   55.  5 Income Sources You Can’t Count Against A Mortgage
   56.  This Credit Mistake May Cost You A House
   57.   Funky Property Types You Can Still Get A Mortgage On
   58.  This Mortgage Cost No Longer Makes Financial Sense
   59.  Helping A Family Member Buy A Home? Quit Transferring Money Around
   60.  Authorized User Credit Accounts Can Be Loan Catch 22
   61.  Want A Mortgage? Give Us Your Birth Certificate
   62.  Are There Any Petaluma Mortgages For Loan Sizes Over 0,950?
   63.  Is USDA Eligible For A Santa Rosa Rosa Mortgage?
   64.  Jumping Through Hoops To Get A Mortgage? Here’s A Quick Fix
   65.  How The Size Of Your Mortgage Is Impacted By Your Credit Score
   66.  Your Deferred Student Loan May Impact Your Mortgage Chances
   67.  How Much Skin In The Game To Buy A House
   68.  How To Buy A Home By Refinancing Another
   69.  6 Actions To Make Your Credit Score Mortgage Worthy
   70.  Are Credit Reporting Services Accurate For Getting A Mortgage?
   71.  How Accurate Are Online Home Value Websites?
   72.  Why Is My Financed Loan Amount On My FHA Loan Bigger?
   73.  Lenders Tightening The Screws On Short Sale Borrowers
   74.  Key Factors That Drive Up Mortgage Costs
   75.  Using Your Brand New Job Or Promotion To Get A Mortgage
   76.  How To Buy Out An Ex-Spouse From A Home
   77.  Buying A Home In A Competitive Real Estate Market? Tips To Increase Your Odds
   78.  How To Avoid Monthly PMI With Less Than 20% Down
   79.  5 Frequent Credit Mistakes Mortgage Shoppers Should Pay Attention To
   80.  Why Auto Loans And Home Loans Do Not Mix
   81.  Carrying A Rental Property May Hurt Your Mortgage Chances
   82.   Its Not Just Your Credit Score That Counts For Getting A Mortgage
   83.  How do I make a bi-weekly mortgage payment if my lender won’t bill me that way?
   84.  Why A Low Rate Loan Is Not Always The Most Affordable
   85.  Why Your Second Job May Not Cut It For A Mortgage
   86.  Discharge A House In Bankrupcty? Not So Fast If You Want A Loan
   87.  Self-Employed? What To Watch For When Lenders Calculate Your Income
   88.  Can I roll the fees into my loan when buying real estate?
   89.  Loophole To Show More Income When Buying A Home
   90.  Big Shoes To Fill With FHA’s Back To Work Program
   91.  Do Tax Losses On Closed Business Hurt My Chances To Qualify For A Mortgage?
   92.  Should I Pay For An Appraisal To Refinance My Home?
   93.  Why Its Not Cheaper Or Easier To Refinance With Your Mortgage Holder
   94.  Home Equity Is Back In Sonoma County- Mortgage Options Follow
   95.  Should I Be Concerned About A Light Documentation Loan Offer?
   96.  How To Buy A House With No Down Payment And No Monthly PMI
   97.  5 Tips For Getting A Mortgage To Buy A Condo
   98.  What To Know When Buying A Flipped Home
   99.  Can I Get A Mortgage With Limited Or No Supporting Financial Documentation?
   100.  It’s Still Possible To Get A Mortgage Despite A Judgement

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