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Here is a list of loan documents needed to obtain a mortgage or pre-approval to purchase a home:

Loan Documents Checklist

Borrower Authorization Form

4506 T Form

Doc Checklist For A Home Loan

Copy of Social Security Card & Driver’s License-if you do not have a copy of your Social Security card let me know

Two most recent full monthly statements of all your current asset accounts examples include checking, savings, 401(k), IRA, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts etc. Please be sure to include ALL pages even if blank or appear to contain no financial information. If statements are front and back please flip them over and copy both sides. If statements are quarterlY, please provide most recent quarterly statement, all pages.Please note online banking printouts of current balances or summaries will not be accepted by underwriting. Only the full monthly statements.

Large Deposits in bank accounts will require a letter or letters of explanation. Large Deposits are defined as any large deposit in the bank account excluding paychecks/normal payroll.

Most recent pay stubs covering a full one month period for all borrowers (if applicable)

Two most recent years W-2s and federal income tax returns for the most recent two years. If most recent year was not filed, please provide a copy of your filed extension. If self-employed, please provide two years most recent business licenses, along with most recent returns for the last two years.

-If you currently own any property or hold a mortgage including home-equity lines of credit, all the following must be provided for all properties owned: current mortgage statements (if applicable), homeowners insurance declaration pages (or agent’s contact info), current tax bills. If there is an HOA, please provide an HOA contact.

There may be other information needed from you during the loan process and proactively helping us obtain that information will ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Please send via e-mail to Feel free to drop these items by my office W.J. Bradley Mortgage Capital LLC. located at 2455 Bennett Valley Road S b117 Santa Rosa, CA 95404. You can also fax this information to (877) 417-8299. Feel free to contact me at 707 217-4000.