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Select the best mortgage loan program that fits your needs.

Loan Product Benefits to Borrower Program Details
Fixed Rate Mortgages Offers fixed monthly payment over the life of the loan. Payment remains constant throughout the loan term. Guaranteed to remain fixed. Choose from 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year terms.
Making Homes Affordable (HARP) Advantages include ability to finance with lower loan-to-value restrictions. Fixed rate government sponsored program to help homeowners refinance. Terms of 30 available.
Conventional Mortgage Advantages include ability to finance real estate for the most qualified borrowers. Fixed-rate programs available. Programs to finance conforming high balance areas.
FHA Mortgage Advantages include low down payment, “less than perfect” credit higher debt to income ratios. Fixed Rate programs insured by Federal Housing Administration. Choose from 15 or 30 year terms.
USDA Mortgage Advantages include no down payment 100% financing, “less than perfect credit” flexible qualifying for rural properties. Agriculture. Low mortgage insurance. Chose from from terms of 30 years.
VA (Veterans’) Mortgage Advantages include no money down, 100% purchase money financing for military veterans. Fixed-rate government program guaranteed by the VA. Terms of 30 years.
Home Path Mortgage Advantages include new appraisal and no mortgage insurance. Fixed-rate mortgage program offered by Fannie Mae. Choose from terms of 30 years.
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Advantages provide for initial lower monthly payments. Traditionally in shorter-term time periods. Fully Indexed Rate contain index + margin with annual and life caps.
Jumbo Mortgage Allows for financing on larger loan amounts to $2.5 million. Fixed and variable-rate programs available. Chose fixed rate programs from 30 year or 15 years. Variables include 5, 7 and 10 year Arms.

Ask us about FHA 203K loans as well, another program we offer for home purchases.